Scuba Diving Course
Whether you do holiday on Lombok Senggigi or Gili Trawangan, you can join us easily on the boat to go scuba diving around the three famous Gili islands and on Lombok’s reefs in Sekotong and Secret Bay. Lombok is the island just East of Bali but has a different Flora and Fauna. The Gili islands are three tiny islands located on the Northwest coast of Lombok.

Belongas Bay Diving Spot
If you want to enjoy the beauty nature of a bay in lombok island, come and visit Belongas bay (or sometimes written as “Blongas bay”). Visitors who came here usually is for diving. Most of peoples that comes here are professional diver, because the lower waves in this bay is quite strong. There are many colorful fishes and coral reef which make wonderful scenery down the sea. But if you’re not a professional diver, you can do other activities such as snorkeling.

Gili Air Diving Spot
There are five favorite underwater life spots that expose the beauty of reefs and fishes. All of them are the pieces of heaven for the divers and snorkeling fans. The diving and snorkelling spots around Gili Air Lombok are: Air Wall, Air Slope, Frogfish Point, Segaluh and Malang Reef. Each of them is having its own uniqueness. For example, Air Wall form is like a wall and on this spot, we can find so many beautiful sea horses, turtles, and colorful fishes. You can rent the equipment and ask for guidance from the local professional guide in Gili Air.

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