Caffè Latte is an espresso or coffee mixed with milk and has a thin layer of foam on top. The ratio of milk to coffee to caffè latte is 2: 1.
In the US the latte combination consists of one-third of espresso and two thirds of hot milk, making it more pronounced than cappuccino.
This drink was first discovered in Italy in late 1950 by Lino Meiorin. He is the owner of a cafe and is the first barista of Italy.
The cafes' visitor was not used to the taste of a very sharp traditional cappuccino and therefore asked for more milk (latte) to mix with the coffee. Gradually Lino decided to sell espresso drinks with more milk and called it "Caffè lLatte". At that time, he served Caffè Latte in a bowl and then switched to a beer. Now, the caffè latte is served in a cup.

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